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Marco Reus and Hot Wheels - a cool team
Benedikt Höwedes at the launch of der A-Klasse of Mercedes Benz
Toni Kroos on a Playstation event in Munich
Mladen Petric as Testimonial of the "Imtech Technik Camp 2010"
Benedikt Höwedes: Nutella Testimonial 2010 & 2011

Offering first-class service to a professional football player and answering questions concerning the job itself is one thing.

But we also have answers for in-depth questions.

Popular football players aren’t just idols, they are being admired by thousands of fans and therefore interesting clients for companies.

Professional football players – not only national team players – are commonly used as brand ambassador, testimonial, patrons or to project a positive image.

This is exactly, where the SportsTotal marketing strategists come into light. Our main goal is to support these professional football players, especially in the areas of marketing and public relations. We focus on intensifying name recognition and creating a positive image rather than economical aspects.

Credibility, authenticity and distinctiveness are amongst the top priorities. Football players are not only interesting in their kit, but it is their performance in the game, which makes them interesting for potential economical partners.

Benedikt Höwedes is brand ambassador of Mercedes Benz and promoted also nutella, Marco Reus and Puma have a long-term partnership and also toy producer Mattel (Hot Wheels) is having a contract with Marco Reus.

Mladen Petric for instance embodied the technical coach for Imtech in 2010, Toni Kroos obviously feels comfortable in his adidas equipment and represents Sony Playstation. Dozens of other examples demonstrate our successful and professional way of working in this area.

Our marketing efforts however continue beyond supporting football players. We also distribute and organise health workshops for companies and other clients in cooperation with the German Sports University Cologne.

Because of our vast network in sports and business, we offer companies and agencies full-service in the field of merchandising, event and promotion, and can refer to an illustrious list of references.