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These are just three of many players that we accompany and look after since their youth.
Marco Reus, Borussia Mönchengladbach
Benedikt Höwedes, FC Schalke 04
Stefan Reinartz, Bayer 04 Leverkusen

Due to legal and moral responsibility, we can’t name any of our young underage national team players.

Professional football careers don’t start at the age of 18 anymore. We therefore invest a lot of attention in youth football players, which we see as an essential foundation for success.

We follow their path from youth to professionalism and support tomorrow’s Top-Stars with first-class service in varying areas.

Together with their clubs and families we accompany our youngsters and speed up their school education. Our team of experts is always there to assist with problems. We follow the principle of intuition, sensitivity and passion.

Whoever makes the cut into professionalism has gone through a first-class education, catered by training centres of licensed clubs. The price for this education however is high: The complex education to become a professional football player goes along with school education – most of the young players on the verge to become a licensed player barely have leisure time.

SportsTotal has ever since its establishment focused on Top-Talents. Benedikt Höwedes, Marco Reus and Stefan Reinartz are just a few of many big names. We are pleased, that we had the chance to follow their paths from being a young talent to become a professional football player. All of these players have grown to being absolutely indispensible in their clubs.

The “squad” of Sportstotal has an average age of way under 23. This proves, that we not only invest in the potential of various young players, we furthermore help and accompany them on their challenge to become a professional football player in the German Bundesliga.

Our working philosophy is at its strength particularly while the players are in their youth. Together with their parents, we discuss topics like career planning and strive for a long lasting and faithful cooperation with the player and his family. It’s the only way for these youngsters to be successful in the game.

Career planning is a tough business. The earlier a player finds a trustful partner, the better off they are. SportsTotal aspires to maintain the market leadership in Germany especially in this domain. Many of our players have already made a name for themselves!